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    Connor G. Brown was born in Wisconsin to parents Kevin and Julie Brown. Growing up in the small town of Portage, he practiced as a percussionist throughout his early education, the snare and timpani being his favored punching bags. Classic rock, easy-listening jazz tunes, and hair metal were more his style as a teenager, but eventually the classical bug hit him and in his junior year he decided to advance beyond the rhythmic and learn how to read pitched notes (very cool), and began learning piano. Soon he was composing pieces for more than just a drum line, and with his first three pieces applied to study as a composer under Stephen Dembski and Laura Schwendinger at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

    Accepted in, he made his way to the city to start his education in earnest. As a studying composer, he studied theory, history, and notation, and wrote for small and large ensembles alike, his first work being “Lover’s Stare - for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano” and his final being a big band composition titled “Joy Ride.” Have a listen on the Music page. Despite his calm and casual demeanor, his music is described as passionate, romantic, and always sincere. 

    After receiving his bachelor’s, he combined two of his greatest passions, music and film, and headed to the Big Apple to get a master’s degree from New York University. As a graduate, he studied under composers Ira Newborn, Irwin Fisch, Rich Shemaria, Mike Patterson, and Paul Chihara, whom he now works for as his assistant.

    Connor continues his passion for music in Brooklyn, where he lives with his sweetheart, Sonja (she's a cat). Beyond composing, he maintains a healthy obsession for all things film, comedy, and MMA. 

Contact to learn more, or to hire his services. 
He is always happy to talk!


B.M. Music Theory and Composition - University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.M. Music Theory and Composition: Screen Scoring - New York University

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